Praktik Karia Pra Pernikahan Suku Muna (Studi Kasus)


  • Andi Miftahul Hairiyah STIS Hidayatullah Balikpapan
  • Miftahul Jannah STIS Hidayatullah Balikpapan


pre-marriage, karia, Muna


This research begins with the reality that happened to tribal people in the village of Wawesa , Southeast Sulawesi. The people of the Muna tribe have several marriage customs, one of which is between islamic law and existing customs. This type of research is research by him to obtain data, so the researcher does non fieldwork with the aim of getting what is needed in this research. Data collection techhniques used interview techniques.the results obtained by this study are that in carrying out karia practices it has a useful purpose so that there is readiness to become a householder but the urf practice carried out by the Wawesa village comumunity needs to be addressed, such as themixing of men and women, touching those who are not, dancing in front of the community which is contradictory with so it should be avoided