Perception of Gold Traders in Klandasan Market Regarding Gold Zakat


  • Ayu Lestari STIS Hidayatullah Balikpapan
  • M Rizky Kurnia Sah STIS Hidayatullah Balikpapan


Perception, Trader, Zakat Gold


This research aims to understand the perception of the community, especially gold traders, regarding gold zakat. This is a field research study that directly examines the issues occurring in the field. The nature of this research is qualitative descriptive, with the goal of describing and analyzing the problems or events that occur. The results of this research reveal the perception of gold traders in the Klandasan market based on informant responses. It can be seen that the understanding of the law is not fully grasped, as there is confusion even though gold traders have fulfilled their zakat obligations. However, the zakat they give is categorized as professional zakat, and also zakat from the gold trade they engage in. From the Islamic legal perspective on the perception of gold traders in the Klandasan market regarding gold zakat, it is observed that these traders do not allocate their gold zakat; instead, they contribute professional zakat, derived from their profits. This is due to a lack of knowledge, leading to confusion, and therefore, it cannot be considered as a reference as it requires improvement in the distribution of gold zakat.